The Lack of Manners

We all have been taught good manners back in school or nursery. Remember

the three golden words? They are:

1) Thank You

2) Sorry

3) Please

I’d like to let you know that you can replace Sorry with Forgive me or Pardon. Being sorry or in the energy of sorry brings more of ‘being sorry’ situations into your life. So we avoid it and I’d suggest you do the same for you highest and best.


1) Thank you/Gratitude

2) Forgive me/Pardon

3) Please

So why are we discussing this? I wanted to let you know that being a millionaire is easy but being a good human being maybe not so easy especially without professional guidance. I’d like to discuss some of the emotions that we can avoid to be healthy, wealthy and wise. This will make the world a better place. This is the future we all are dreaming of. We are establishing it. We are creating more organized human beings who love peace and spread happiness and still have financial freedom and happy family life. Human beings are actually programmed to love each other and promote peace. Anything else is a fault in the neurons. Wrong messages fed, brainwashed to behave like a machine of anger, harm, and eliminate other livings beings for no

reason is an example. We are human beings; we do not hunt other human beings to live. We are born to love, to know sisterhood, brotherhood, and soul family. The mind game is something not to be ignored. Learning about yourself is more fun than just being a robotic human who doesn’t explore his or her own mind. Ignorance is to go astray, enlightenment is home. Few emotions do not serve us to be a better person. Who doesn’t want to be a great mother, dad, sister, brother, daughter, son, friend, wife and husband? Then why are there times of distress, Separation and Heartbreaks?

Regrets, Rejection, Resentment? Have ever thought of leading a

peaceful life? OR do you think it is impossible? Of course, life can be wavy but it shouldn’t tear you apart. You have to remove any scars left in your heart and move forward in life with ease and grace and teach your children to do so. Nobody likes to see their children go through a series of heartbreaks or sadness. Good manners or behavior is not only being or acting polite in public or to dress well or to have great table manners. It has to come from within. It includes avoiding certain non-virtuous emotions too. 

Let’s check out a few habits that do not serve us…

a)Envy/Jealousy Jealousy comes from insecurity and fear of losing something. It often lets us go away from God and does not make us think the best we can hence affect our creativity and productiveness.

Envy is wanting someone to lose something they have whether you gain it or not. It’s a very dangerous and immature feeling to have since the Universe has plenty of everything for all of us it simply does not make sense for anyone to want someone’s things or achievements and inflict trouble or suffering on others. An envious human being can never be truly happy or achieve bliss unless it’s released through any technique.


Being self-confident and prejudice is different. Prejudice is when you dislike and judge other people or a country without a logical explanation. It is unhealthy as it affects one’s co-ordination with people of all cultures, ethnicity and races.


Nowadays most kids are forced by their parents to compete with each other and compare them. It is not needed. Comparing affects child self-esteem. Competition is not needed to be successful. Doing your work honestly and wholeheartedly helps. You can be a better person than you were but never compete with other human beings as everyone has different abilities and talents and mostly if u mind your own business then you are likely to be more successful than people who gossip or believe in competition/ letting others down.


Gossiping is unnecessary. Why discuss other people’s private news? People join a convo of gossiping people to pass time or to be in the company of people or to just get noticed. This is not right. This does not do any good for your spiritual self or emotional or mental self. Instead of this unwanted behavior why not focus on the latest news or technologies or mindfulness? Self-development seminars, sessions or books may do more favor to you than talking about the private lives of others.

Let us avoid unnecessary thought processes and be blissful and load positive thoughts into our minds for the creation of a beautiful world for us and the future generation with unity and oneness. Let us find and feed the God within us.